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£6.25 / month


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Subscription FAQs

Is postage included in the 75p per card rate?

Absolutely! What you see is what you pay, it includes postage, the card and envelope. We want to make it as affordable as possible for people to send regular joy through the post to the people they care about.

Is there any limit to the number of cards I can send?

No limit at all, you can send as many cards as you like, and all you pay is 75p per card (so long as you buy two or more cards at a time).

Can I subscribe for just one month?

You sure can, you just need to make sure you cancel your subscription before the end of the monthly billing period.

What does "for personal use mean"?

It just means that the subscription is for any person sending cards to friends and family, we have different rates for commercial and business services (please get in contact).

What if I want to use the service commercially?

Please get in contact for our commercial rates.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send us an email before your next billing date and we'll cancel it for you.

Why is does it cost £1 for 1 card and 75p if I send more than one?

The minimum payment that our payment provider accepts is £1.