Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

Drop us an email to

How do I buy cards on mobile

You need to request the desktop site on your mobile device, further instructions at the bottom of the home page (or for a better experience use a tablet or pc).

What size are the cards?

The cards are all A5 (half the size of an piece of A4 paper) which means they make an impact on arrival, and are nice and readable for older and younger eyes.

What weight are the cards?

The cards are heavy weight 350gsm, (standard A4 paper is 80-100gsm).

Where do we post to?

We only post to the UK at the moment.

How are the cards protected?

We send all our cards in envelopes so they are protected. The postal service sometimes damage unprotected cards, or print barcodes where we don't want them.

What should I do if my card doesn't arrive when I expect it?

Let us know if it hasn't arrived in 7 working days and we'll make it right.

What's the environmental benefit of an uncoated finish?

The uncoated finish on the cards means they are recyclable, it also gives the cards a lovely tactile feel, and a quality look.

Can I send cards internationally?

Sorry, not at the moment.